About Us

Our patients tell us we are different from other places that they have been for physical therapy. That’s not a coincidence. We have designed our practice to ensure your comfort, privacy and best outcome.

ONE-TO-ONE CARE – Since we only schedule patients one at a time you will have the full attention of your therapist and generally see the same person at each visit.

PRIVATE TREATMENT ROOMS – Some things are better handled in a quiet and confidential environment.

MANUAL THERAPY – All our PT’s have advanced training in hands on care including joint mobilization, myofascial release, muscle energy technique and more.

EXERCISE – Your program is individually designed and closely monitored, (no 3 sets of 10 while your PT is off with someone else!) Our friendly gym areas are designed to help you than replicate your home program to continue your work at home or your gym. Perfect practice makes perfect!

EDUCATION – It’s important you know how to prevent re-injury and we’ll take the time to explain your condition give you the tools to keep moving.