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I can't say enough about the care I received at Sport and Spine in Coventry. Mary was the best at loosening up tight muscles. She never gave up on trying new approaches to alleviate my pain and spasms. Janet at the desk is very helpful and accommodating. The entire staff is top notch and I would recommend Sport and Spine to anyone in need of PT. Even though I have moved out of Coventry I would continue to travel back if I need PT in the future. Thank you all.
January 5, 2018
September 6, 2017
I am so glad I chose Sport and Spine for PT after a foot/ankle injury. I worked with Rob for six weeks and I am thrilled to say I feel stronger and more sure footed than I have in months. Rob is patient, extremely knowledgable, friendly, and listens. I never felt like a number there and was never " rushed along". Appointment scheduling was super easy and flexible . I am now back to the gym and am grateful for the outstanding care I received . I wouldn't hesitate to return if need be or recommend their services to anyone in need. Thank you so very much for your care and professionalism.
June 23, 2017

By Ivy S.

I came her for jaw and neck pain. The staff was wonderful and they were always on time. I feel better and I now have tools that I can use to make sure I stay that way.

By Leah M.

I was referred to Elaine from my good friend who I had called in tears because I was in severe jaw pain. She told me to call Sport & Spine and make an appointment with Elaine. When I met Elaine that first day I was so frightened that I would be in pain for the rest of my life. She assured me that I would get better. Only a few weeks later and I feel great. She is great and I will be referring her to anyone who tells me they have TMJ or jaw pain.

By Mark B.

TMJ issues? This is the place. I walked into Sport and Spine after 4 months of severe jaw pain and lock jaw. I tried medicine, mouth guards, heat treatments, cold treatments and several visits to the doctor with no progress. I finally saw a doctor who recommended Sport and Spine because of there decades of experience in TMJ and jaw pain treatment. The only mistake Sport and Spine made is not putting TMJ Treatment in neon lights on the front of the building. I feel I can live again. Thank you Elaine.

By Jill O.

This was my second post-surgery physical therapy experience at Sport & Spine and will not be my last. I tell all my friends and family about the great staff and flexible PT times available. The entire staff is devoted to making sure you meet your goals and are very attentive to your needs. Having been to other physical therapists I can personally say these people are the best around. Thank you Dr. Crellin!



By Barbara L.

I have been treated by Sport and Spine for several issues over the years. Treatment has always been efficient and accurate; explanations and discussions of treatment have been clear and comprehensive; questions and concerns were always well addressed. Sport and Spine staff are professional and personable. This is a top notch organization..

By Catherine S.

Experience was wonderful. Physical therapists were thorough, caring,and very helpful.Would return again if needed. and would recommend to other clients.

By Karen S.

For the past 4 years, I have had ongoing problems with my TMJ. In 2013, I began PT at Sport and Spine Physical Therapy at the request of my Orthodontist. Since I was deemed an extreme case, he asked that I see Elaine. It didn’t take me long to understand why. Her expertise, compassion and patience were quickly apparent. Elaine helped me to understand TMJ disorder. More importantly, she helped me to understand “my” TMJ since everyone is different. Even though some of my symptoms were not common, Elaine was able to identify where they stemmed from, got them under control and gave me the tools… more

By Mandie .

I have been here twice in the last couple of years. Once for my neck and currently for my back. The staff is great and knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone!

By Joann D.

I have been to Sport and Spine several times over the years. The staff are always very accommodating to my schedule. They took time to go over each exercise with me and gave me directions to follow.. I like that my therapy is individual and not in a group. The staff are always very pleasant and welcoming no matter how busy they are. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

By Marie M.

The humans that are working here are the most thoughtful and loving people. I let everyone know that this is where to go for therapy. And please keep Ari here. Thank you.

By Cathy M.

I’ve been coming to Sport and Spine for many years and after coming here I would not want to go anywhere else..The staff are very friendly..All the Therapist go above and beyond and I love them all…I highly recommend Sport & Spine to anyone I know.

By Thomas R.

From the minute you walk in to Sport & Spine to the minute you leave it is a healthy environment. From the friendly and helpful reception area to the professional physical therapists. They’re willing to listen and understand the problems, then treat in a safe and result driven manner. My daughter and I have both been patients and we both highly recommend Sport & Spine.

By Elaine R.

I chose sport and spine after having a TKR. Over the past several months I have worked with the PT using the exercise equipment combined with an exercise routine and I have continued to improve in both my ROM and Extension. The therapists has always been encouraging,patient and answered all my questions. I believe I would not have achieved my goals without the Physical Therapist at Sport and Spine.

By Elodie Z.

My experience at Sport & Spine has been one a great success. I came here with torn ligaments in my right ankle. The doctor recommended surgery reattaching the ligaments they were in such bad shape. I wanted to try Physical Therapy at Sport & Spine first.The staff was sympathetic and understood the exercises necessary to strengthen and encourage healing.The appointments were convenient, punctual and professional.Elaine continued to analyze improvement as she added therapy exercises. I received instructions to follow up at home and continue strengthening the ankle.Zachary, who helped me execute… more

By Bill J.

I am glad I came here and will be back for future PT needs.

By Marguerite L.

I love this place and the staff. They’re friendly and very knowledgeable.

By Diane W.

Everyone at Sport & Spine are the best in the field of physical therapy. If I have any future problems, I will not hesitate to return to Sport & Spine.

By Francis M.

Excellent coordinated care. Worked with primary care doctor and orthopedic surgeon to find hip and knee problems with arthritis.

By Holly S.

1 on 1 experience definitely made a difference in my ability to understand what I had to do



My daughter Kylie is an elite softball player who unfortunately tore her ACL and meniscus last summer. Since I already had a great experience at Sport and Spine for my own personal injury, I decided to see what they could offer my teenage daughter. I was immediately referred to Rob Corriea. I was told Rob was not only great with kids, but he is also a ball player. He was all this and more! Rob takes the time to explain EVERYTHING we asked about. He spends lots of time with you, he goes above and beyond all expectations. He makes sure you understand, can remember, and can do correctly the exercises you need to do outside of PT. He is extremely pleasant and interesting to talk to. I cannot say enough about how professional and comforting Rob and the rest of the staff is. You will not find a better therapist. It is obvious that he cares about your progress, and now my daughter has a friend for life.

Two weeks before a regional dance competition my daughter, Christiana, painfully limped into Sport and Spine Physical Therapy in Coventry. Christiana, an avid career-seeking dancer, had sustained serious injury to both Achilles. Rob Correia and Mary Gagnon took her under their wing to provide life changing solutions. With an experiential understanding of both the anatomy and spirit of a teen-athlete they keenly assessed her and systematically implemented techniques to promote healing. We were amazed at the serious attention they paid Christiana. Over two weeks they applied massages, exercises, ultrasound, and what we call the ‘miracle cure’ Iontophoresis. They taught us how to tape Christiana’s feet, so she could compete without further injury. Christiana was able to compete…even winning several events!

Due the physically demanding nature of her dance studies, Christiana’s condition became chronic and threatened to interfere with her competitions and college auditions. We learned that her pain was due to anatomical and structural factors and would only worsen with use. After several visits and opinions from doctors-one of whom suggested invasive surgery – we turned to Rob for advice. His suggested treatment-serial casting-was conferred by the orthopedists at Boston Children’s Hospital. With our confidence resting securely in Rob’s experience, we had the casts made. We were ecstatic with the results! With the combination of removable casting and regular Physical Therapy Christiana is happily dancing down the road to recovery.

Christiana has become a regular at Sport and Spine. Rob continues to work on her Achilles and Mary’s magical hands have successfully treated a recent back injury. The folks at Sport and Spine have become like family. They don’t just treat clients…..they care about the whole person. As a result of her experience there, Christiana will be studying both Dance and Exercise Science in college next year. She hopes to help other dancers heal from debilitating injuries just as Rob and Mary have helped her.

– Lisa Buckley
February 2013

“I have had 3 rotator cuff surgeries in the past 6 years. With my first one, I went to the out patient physical therapy center at the hospital. There is nothing like being treated as a number, get you in & get you out. Those are the cold hard facts. There is little hands-on contact other than to show you how to use the various machines.

After my second surgery, my chiropractor recommended Sport & Spine Physical Therapy. What a world of difference! From the minute that you walk in, you realize that this is where you want to have your physical therapy treatment. The staff is friendly, well educated and you know that they have your best interest at heart. Their hands-on approach is a completely new experience. You have confidence in the therapist instead of the equipment.

A side benefit of being treated at Sport & Spine Physical Therapy is that at the end of the day, you have made a new friend.”

– Bob Pope

All the professionals at Sport & Spine are the best I’ve ever encountered, and I’ve been to many during my life. Their techniques, their depth of knowledge, and their warmth and positive energy led me to a very positive outcome. I really enjoyed going to my appointments, but I’ve enjoyed the outcome even more! They’re the best!

Suzanne Harkness

I have been coming to the Coventry office on and off for a few years. It is THE BEST PT place I have ever been to. The staff is wonderful, very nice and extremely knowledgeable about spots injuries and body physiology. They are also very flexible and accommodating with appointment times. They always take their time with you and never rush you during your appointment and they do hands-on therapy which is they key to improvement. I would highly recommend them.

Lori Amitrano Larocque

Surgery averted and they are just the nicest people at West Warwick, Cowesett Ave. Thank you!

Janet Nelson Christensen