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Sport & Spine Physical Therapy

Therapist owned and operated since 1996, Sport & Spine Physical Therapy was founded by Elaine Crellin, PT and Colleen McGloin, PT. Both therapists, having advanced manual therapy and functional exercise skills, envisioned a clinic where clients would receive hands-on treatment in private rooms before their active gym based reconditioning. By freeing restrictions of joints and muscles prior to exercise, patients exercise with more normal movement patterns, greater range of motion and less pain. Patients truly enjoy the one to one care and consistent guidance from the same therapist at each visit.

Sport & Spine PT strives to provide superior quality of care and treatment, promote optimal healing, restore health, physical function, and performance to their highest levels all in a personal, professional and hands on environment.

You can expect the same level of skilled service and professional attention at both our locations, West Warwick and Coventry.

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